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Carpet Repairs & Restorations

Need to repair your carpet in Hobart? Tassie carpet repair team can handle all of your carpet repair and carpet stretching in Hobart. Our carpet experts can save you money by protecting your carpeting investment for years to come. Often, carpet that is loose or that has ripples can be stretched, and areas that are stained beyond help or have burn marks can be patched. Call Tassie carpet repair team today for a free estimate of your Hobart carpet repair needs!

We handle the following Hobart carpet repair services:

  • Re-stretching
  • Carpet Repair
  • Patching
  • Binding Repair & Replacement
  • Backing
  • Pet Damage Correction
  • Seam Repair

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Our Work

sep-icon Hobart Carpet Stretching

Tassie carpet repair team utilizes the best tools and techniques to stretch loos carpet and remove wrinkles and ripples. If you are finding yourself tripping over ridges in your carpet, it's time to get it stretched! If your carpet was newly installed, you'll want to contact the installer; properly installed carpet should not need stretching. Call Tassie carpet repair team today for a Hobart carpet stretching quote today

sep-icon Hobart Carpet Patching

If you've got stains that cannot be removed, burn marks or other permanent damage to spots on your carpet, Tassie carpet repair team may still be able to salvage it and help you avoid carpet replacement. Tassie carpet repair team can patch your Hobart carpet from an extra piece you may have from a closet or other inconspicuous area. We'll remove the damaged areas and replace with new carpet. When the patch is complete, you'll have trouble remembering where the problem areas were!

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